The Angel’s Calling audio drama adaptation is here!

The Angel's Calling

All four parts of the audio drama are now live. You can listen to it for free here.

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The cast and Alternative Stories team have done such an incredible job bringing the story to life:

Narrator : Tiffany Clare
Fia Aldridge : Annabelle Broad
Sophie Aldridge and Jo : Kirsty Woolven
Alexander : Charlie Richards
Hazel: Maddy Searle
The Lady Noor : Saya Zahawi
Paramedic, Student Advisor : Tanya O’Sullivan
Nurse : Karen Cooper
The Dying Woman : Annika Kordes
Teenage Girl : Joy Hayward
The Homeless Man, Waiter: Chris Gregory
Other parts were played by members of the cast

Music and soundscapes by Chris Gregory and published by Scared Crow Music

Sound effects from and from BBC Sound Effects

Presenter: Kelli Winkler 

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Blurb for The Angel’s Calling:

Parallel worlds, an angel and a witches’ prophecy.

Alexander is the youngest leader of angels in the history of Ohinyan, a world parallel to Earth.

Ohinyan’s sun is dying, and its inhabitants are on the brink of war.

A witches’ prophecy convinces Alexander to retrieve seventeen-year-old Fia Aldridge from Earth, the one girl who could be the solution to their problems.

But when he finds Fia, her life has been turned upside down, and it goes against all he believes in to burden her with the fate of Ohinyan.

An entire world or one girl—he must decide, or many will suffer the consequences.

The Angel’s Calling is a prequel novelette to The Third Sun: Daughter of the Phoenix Book One. Perfect for fans of epic fantasy worlds, witches, elemental magic and mythology.

Read a free copy of The Angel’s Calling here.

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