Pre-order The Third Sun

The Third Sun

Pre-order The Third Sun from Amazon (ebook). A print version will be available on release, Saturday 22nd February 2020.

The sun is dying, the windows to Earth are closing. Time is running out.

After the death of her sister, eighteen-year-old Fia Aldridge knows one thing for certain: she doesn’t belong anywhere. But then she tumbles into the parallel world of Ohinyan—a world where angels and witches walk amongst mankind.

An ancient darkness is taking advantage of the dying sun, and Ohinyan needs Fia’s help. She soon learns that her arrival is not entirely by accident and that Alexander, leader of angels, is not the guardian she thought he was.

Torn between their feelings and their duties, together they must find a way to return Fia to London before the darkness consumes her and she is trapped in Ohinyan forever.

A richly woven tale drawing on ancient myths and legends. Fans of elemental magic, witches, shapeshifters and portal fantasy will devour the Third Sun: Daughter of the Phoenix Book One.

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