Author Interview: Meet Fantasy and Sci-Fi Author Belle Manuel

A Fate So Twisted

Today in this series of author interviews I’m talking to Belle Manuel. Raised in the Deep South, Belle is a Sci-Fi and Fantasy author that revels in creating new worlds. Her 2020 release, A Fate So Twisted, is the first in a planned trilogy, with the sequel to be released in early 2021. In which genre do you write? High … Read More

Author Interview: Meet Fantasy Author Rick Haynes

Outcast by Rick Haynes

In this latest post I’m talking to fantasy author Rick Haynes. Welcome, Rick! Tell us a bit about yourself. I had no intention to write a short story let alone a novel but fate is, at times, a fickle mistress.  I could always write a good business letter but only clever people wrote books. I was a reader not a … Read More

Author Interview: Meet Fantasy Author A.C. Merkel

Her Name is Murder

To continue this series of Fantasy/Sci-fi author interviews, today I’m interviewing fantasy author A.C. Merkel. Welcome A.C.! Tell us a bit about yourself. Hello I’m A.C. Merkel. Author and “retired”  musician. When I’m not repairing automobiles for a living I can be found infusing music and history into fantastic new magical worlds.  I am a founding member of Qi ( we have … Read More

Building Better Relationships Between Authors and Bloggers

Recently I’ve been on a mission to find out how, as an indie author, I can connect with readers in a more meaningful way. I consider myself a reader, first and foremost – the “writer” label always comes second. As a reader, I find book groups and bloggers are my best source of what books I should be adding to … Read More

Making Meaningful Connections As An Indie Author

Something a little different today! As an indie author, my time is often divided between writing, editing and marketing. But there are many, many tasks in between and days can quickly become just me and my laptop for the entire day. I’ve spent countless hours researching different aspects of indie/self publishing, and I know I will continue researching forever. There … Read More