The Angel’s Calling audio drama adaptation is here!

The Angel's Calling

All four parts of the audio drama are now live. You can listen to it for free here. Make sure to subscribe to the Alternative Stories Podcast to get alerted as soon as the next episodes are live. The cast and Alternative Stories team have done such an incredible job bringing the story to life: Narrator : Tiffany ClareFia Aldridge … Read More

Pronunciations for the Daughter of the Phoenix Series

Not sure if it’s Fi-yah or Fee-ah? Oh-hin-yun or Oh-in-yaan? I got you covered! Fia Fee-a Noor Nor Altair Al-tair Navarii Nav-arr-ee Runa Roo-nah Malachai Mal-a-kai Oren Or-un Makya Ma-kee-yah Maab Mab Enne En Gnossaan Nos-ahn Lina Lee-nah Silla Sil-ah Talina Tah-lee-nah Raiaan Rye-anne Mizune (Mizunese) Mih-zoon (Mih-zoon-eeze) Yahto Yah-toe Ilawu Ill-ah-woo Ohinyan Oh-hin-yun Himeran Him-air-un Iraluxian Ear-ah-loo-tion Aurelli Oar-elle-ee … Read More

The Aldridge Family

Illustration by Natalia Sorokina. Follow her on instagram: @jwitless_art Eighteen-year-old Fia Aldridge always wanted to be an archaeologist, just like her parents, Anthony and Elizabeth (Tony and Liz). They were killed on an expedition in South America when Fia was thirteen. Fia’s sister Sophie was seventeen and in her second year of A-levels. For almost a year Sophie fought to … Read More

Highgate Cemetery


In chapter one of The Third Sun, Fia is gazing at the stars above Hampstead Heath, before following a trail of white feathers into the cemetery and falling from Earth into Ohinyan. All of the photos on this site were taken by my husband, Ali, during our tour of Highgate Cemetery. The west part of the cemetery is accessible by guided … Read More